The platform will be a destination for parents, where they will be able to keep the value invested in children's products and prolong their life. This will save significant amount of money from the family budget and help save resources and reduce pollution caused by the production of children's products.

Sharing trough reuse are the first concepts that will bring to Romania in the field of children's products.

Through sharing trough reuse we want to help families transform the value of children products that are no longer suitable for their children needs into other products, corresponding to the present needs of their children.




Over 300,000 ads for sale for children's clothing, whose sizes are no longer good, are on small advertising sites in Romania.

However, the deadline for completing these announcements is very long or not at all and the related costs of publishing and shipping may be high relative to the value of the clothing.

Children grow up fast, so the clothes bought recently, without realizing it, quickly become small.

Always buying only new clothes does not only means a lot of wasted resources but  take a lot from the family budget, which if saved could be used for other purposes for children: education, leisure, etc.

In the world of fast fashion and impulsive shopping, it's so easy to accumulate more than you need!

Fashion could be cheap, but style comes too often with a cost: it takes up to 2,720 liters of water to produce enough cotton for just one shirt - which is the equivalent of a man's water needs for 3 years.

The circular economy is based on an economic model that involves the sharing, reuse, repair and recycling of materials and products, as much as possible, contributing to increasing the life cycle of products. By prolonging the life of the products, the materials from which they are made are kept in the economic circuit, thus reducing waste and creating added value.

Our promise, of the team, is to offer a solution for changing the behavior regarding the sustainable products of children through which we will protect the environment and help families to raise their children and to contribute to a better life.



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Our dream is a circular economy on the children's product market!

Help us make our dream come true!

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